About Us

We launched Bio-Chem Ltd. in 2007. Since its very beginning we are present on a chemical market, starting as a distributor and from 2010 as a manufacturer, i.e. of antifreeze thermal fluids for heating and cooling systems.

We have a new and well equipped laboratory and R&D department, that's why we can constantly improve our products and create new solutions. According to our internal procedures we check and test every batch of raw materials and final products.

Quality of management, production and environmental care is provided by implemented QA systems ISO 9001 & 14001 certified by Bureau Veritas.

Our liquid chemicals storage facility with capacity of 500.000 liters and A4 highway location guarantee great flexibility and immediate deliveries.

You are welcomed to get acquainted with our offer and place orders.


Bio-Chem Sp. z o.o.
Olszanka 1c,
49-332 Olszanka

Call us

+48 77 547 20 20
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